Jaimie and Ross by Megan Connelly

Hello, friends. 

Five weddings down so far and only 18 more to go this season! My first big weekend of weddings was May 17th and I had two beautiful and amazing brides with totally different vibes. One was delicate and white and the other was bold and colorful. It was so fun and kind of head spinning designing these two at the same time. 

Double wedding weekends are difficult and demanding, but after they are over I feel so accomplished and almost like a super hero. And the sense of relaxation and tranquillity that comes over you the night it's all done with is like no other moment. Other than maybe after child birth...

Angel Canary captured this bride and groom perfectly. These photos made my day.


Jaimie was one of the most organized brides I have ever met. She had color swatches, binders, vases upon vases and a serious knowledge of design, but also put a lot of trust in what I would do with what she had. So, this sort of collaboration with her was an ideal way to create this colorful dream for their wedding day. 


I'm looking forward to sharing photos from Josie and Matt's wedding from the same day. 

Last weekend was another double header. One was on this amazing farm in Zionsville and the other was big. I think I'm still recovering from this weekend. More on those later.

Flower hangovers are the best. 


These Girls are Real. by Megan Connelly

Yesterday was my second Bridal Show with Perfect Wedding Guide. I couldn't believe how well it went. It's always so helpful for brides to see different options than the norm here. I'm trying so hard to steer brides away from the FTD bridal bouquet ball. Let's not do that any more, okay? Flowers are meant to move, they're meant to face whatever mother nature throws at them, wind, rain, sunshine, heat, etc. It's hard on them, yes. But I take care of them like they're my babies and they are very happy. So, happy that the majority of people at the bridal show thought I was a silk floral designer.

I am not. 

Silk flowers are fine and whatever. Just not for me. I don't want to wire, staple, glue and manipulate things that are already incredible on their own. So, unless I'm going to build a wall of flowers, I'm just going to put them in water or wrap them up the way they like it. And they really like it. 

The best part about these shows is meeting brides that I fit with so perfectly, who probably wouldn't have found me otherwise. I feel so lucky that my first full season of weddings on my own is filled with the most amazing women and new friends. Being kind of a nervous person in general, I never expected that meeting with brides and grooms would be something I enjoy so much. 

Next week I move into a new studio and a new home. I couldn't be more excited. The following week I take on two beautiful weddings. Now, if only I could shake this cold and pack a little. 

Aventures de fleurs by Megan Connelly

Well, hello! 

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Have a place to write about things in a place where people who want to read about those things can go. I start to feel too flower happy on social media sites where friends and family follow posts and all they see are flowers. It could be worse, I suppose. 

So, to give you a run down of the flower chaos that is my life.. my brain is about to explode. My fiancé and I just bought a house. He is a music maker and will be traveling the weekend we move in. Thank heavens for the help of my parents. The day we move in I have an event that requires 40 centerpieces to be delivered.. at least I'll have a moving truck! All I can do is laugh. These are really great problems to have. I don't think I'd really call them problems anyway. Oh! And the weekend after the weekend we move I have two weddings. Chaos! Beautiful, organized chaos. 

The most exciting part of all this excitement is that I'll have a full separate studio space to work out of. It is a dream and much needed as I've rapidly outgrown my sweet little dining room. There was no better place to start. 

My wedding season begins on Saturday. On the year mark of the first wedding I did off on my own. And for the mother of the bride of that wedding at that. It feels like the perfect way to kick off the season. 

Here we go.