These Girls are Real. / by Megan Connelly

Yesterday was my second Bridal Show with Perfect Wedding Guide. I couldn't believe how well it went. It's always so helpful for brides to see different options than the norm here. I'm trying so hard to steer brides away from the FTD bridal bouquet ball. Let's not do that any more, okay? Flowers are meant to move, they're meant to face whatever mother nature throws at them, wind, rain, sunshine, heat, etc. It's hard on them, yes. But I take care of them like they're my babies and they are very happy. So, happy that the majority of people at the bridal show thought I was a silk floral designer.

I am not. 

Silk flowers are fine and whatever. Just not for me. I don't want to wire, staple, glue and manipulate things that are already incredible on their own. So, unless I'm going to build a wall of flowers, I'm just going to put them in water or wrap them up the way they like it. And they really like it. 

The best part about these shows is meeting brides that I fit with so perfectly, who probably wouldn't have found me otherwise. I feel so lucky that my first full season of weddings on my own is filled with the most amazing women and new friends. Being kind of a nervous person in general, I never expected that meeting with brides and grooms would be something I enjoy so much. 

Next week I move into a new studio and a new home. I couldn't be more excited. The following week I take on two beautiful weddings. Now, if only I could shake this cold and pack a little.